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Obviously its quite difficult to compare the bios readings for voltages and the USDM readings at the same time, but as far as I can tell the bios is reporting the same voltages.

I just checked the voltages in the PC health section in the bios, the readings are actually worse. There is no processing in bios I guess so there shouldn't be much load on the PSU.

Vcore: 1.80V ¦ 1.808V
Vagp: 1.48V ¦ 1.488V
+5V: 4.54V ¦ 4.65V
+12V: 12.03V ¦ 11.856
Vio: 3.08V ¦ 3.12V
VDimm: 2.81V ¦ 2.800V
VBAT: 3.15V ¦ 3.136V
5VSB: 4.67 ¦ 4.678V

As you can see being an older Athlon based system there is more strain on the 5V rails, seriously though 4.54V is no joke. I manually set the Vcore to 1.8V and the VDimm to 2.8V for overclocking purposes. The PC has been on at least 24 hours.
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