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Hey my new PSU arrived today from PC world component centre of all places!!
Fear not though it was actually quite a good deal, cheaper than going to PC world themselves, the same Jeantech 450W PSU is £44 in store and £30.50 online!?! £6 delivery mind.

Anyway I saw this one in a review:

It comes out pretty good, mine is in silver or really I should say chrome, its really shiney and I was scared of leaving finger marks lol. The blue fan is more grenny blue, doesn't quite match the rest of my blue wavemaster case and coolermaster stuff but never mind. The PSU is also very very quiet.

My reading in USDM are great, I oc'ed my XP2700 Thouroughbred b from 13x166 Mhz to 11.5x200Mhz, so its now faster than an XP3200 and P4-570 in integer arithmetic.
Also my Crucial value select went from the most agreesive settings at DDR333 to DDR400 with CAS3 and slowest settings, its still faster though.
Also my Radeon 9800Pro is now running at XT speed. Phew.

Under load the readings are:
Vcore: 1.84V
Vagp: 1.488V
+5V: 4.919V
+12V: 12.342V
Vio: 3.26V
VDimm: 2.896V
Vbat: 3.136V
5VSB: 4.872

These are great compared to the other PSU, which is going in the bin or going to be hacked.

My CPU temp is around 50 degrees C. And everything is stable, hooray!
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