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Actually it is the Crucial Value Select CAS2.5 PC2700 memory, I have two sticks of 512MB which are great in dual channel on an nforce platform. Anyway currently I ca only use single channel mode and the performance of the memory subsystem is a little behind the compettition on the KT600 mobo, so i overclocked the memory to 200Mhz. However the system would not boot up on all but the lowest memory timings so it's at CAS3 with very slow settings, but its working at about 2750MB/s buffered according to Sandra 2005 and at 2.9V.
If anyone can suggest some decent memory settings I'd be grateful, I have so many on the 8KRA2+, it's confusing.
AMD XP2700 @ 400FSB 2.31GHz, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro @ XT speed. ST audio C-Port soundcard,
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DVD-RW, Jeantech 450W 12cm PSU, Coolermaster Wavemaster case.
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