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i supppose so, i've been thinking about it, what about having a tunnel with a fan at one or both ends and then underneath the tunnel somewhere, have a box that is filled with cold water so that when the air blows past the top metal part, it will cool it without putting your CPU in danger of water leak.

I've fitted my cathodes earlier and i've just noticed that the inverter seems to interfere with dialup modems speaker, it sounds different when your are dialling and if it's too close, it makes a horrible squeking noise from the modem speaker. Apart from that though, no problems. The fan controller has arrived but i didn't bother fitting it, i need some 4 - 3 pin fan adapters and extensions so that i can connect it, the one 3 pin fan i have (not the CPU fan) doesn't have a long enough cable so i'm buying some new connectors/extensions next week.

Another thing i thought of, a cheap el wire mod. All you need is a fluorescent highlighter and some UV or bright lights in your case. I've outligned the edge of my window on the outside in fluo' green and it looks quite good, only cost a quid as well. I'm planning on cutting out a stencil, getting some cheap fluo' spray paint from B&Q and the doing a Kind of UV reactive stencil on my window. Think i'll do red to match my case theme. I've still got to get some thermal grease because my 'puter keeps blue screening me and resetting itself. I was told by multiple sources that i should get some thermal grease put on my CPU heatsink. I'm not getting expensive stuff yet, that's for in a few weeks, i'm just getting some from a local computer shop until later. Then, my mod will be about done (maybe have a proper applique instead of my homemade fluo' creation') for now.....
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