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Well that's the thermal grease done. I've used some by a company called manhattan, i think it's silver based because it shines like foil that's been scrunched up a bit. When i took the heatsink and fan off of the CPU, i noticed that there was nearly no thermal grease on the top of the CPU (there was round the sides)! I almost had a heart attack (i nearly had a 'mini heart attack' a few days ago for no apparent reason, really got to see the doctor about that) when i saw it, i just couldn't belive my eyes, absolutely bare on top. I also found out that it's a duron and not an athlon that was produced in 1999, a year after i got my first P2 computer. Anyway, hopefully, the grease will stop the blue screen and resetting problems my sister has been complaining about, just need something to shut her up now, any recommendations?
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