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My reading in USDM are great
Now, see what good clean stable power can do for ya! A lot of logic challenged peeps swear their mobo is a POS when they really dont know whats going on in the power dept. They will really feel crossed when the wuz psu results in capacitor electrolyte spattered all over their mobo.

Software hardware monitoring progs loosly interpret bits set by the monitoring chip such as the popular Winbond. The accuracy of the measuring media be it diode or thermister determines what values get set in memory. At best it is fairly inaccurate even though other progs return the same readings.

In obtaining true voltage readings, you cant beat a digital multimeter, but I am more interested in observing peaks and drop-outs too short in duration to be registered by a multimeter, so I use an old oscilloscope I built from a kit ages ago, a HeathKit 5mhz. Had it in storage for about 13 years, opened the case, dusted it out and replaced the line cord a the long-gone dog chewed up years fine, no bad caps either (yet)
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