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I trie this sort of thing a while back.. I pulled the heater blower from a Ford fiesta I was stripping. It was a centrifulgal blower, i have no idea of the cfm but it was atleast 300cfm, if not more.. I attached it to 12volts from a car battery and it would blow 1 inch round stones along the ground!

I proceeded to attatch a "robinsons Special R" fuit juice bottle to the outlet and some 2.5 inch ducting to then end of that. at 12volts it was a VERY conentrated stream of airflow... kinda silly actually,

I then took it home, and attempted to wire the thing up to my PSU - NO luck, it drew too much power from the 12v rail and tripped the system out!

I settled with running it off 5volts, musta been ~100cfm (perhaps a bit less)
It was very quiet, and cooled about 3c better than the delta38 that was on. (duron800@1000 1.85v 55w heat)
I think I was using a fop sink.
I never got round to rigging it up to the full 12volts tho.. now im watercooled because i HATE noise!
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