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I should have thought of the magnet test, i've just learnt about how aluminium and iron/steel are made at school, a few weeks ago. Anyway, to my surprise, it is steel, very light though. I just hope (and doubt) that it isn't reinforced steel. The top panel does remove, just unscrews round the edges and the lifts off. I will obviously wear eye protection and i think my dad has a diamond edged blade so it should go through it quite easily. Just hope he's got an 80mm (or possibly 40mm) version. I'm going to let him drill it because i'm not really good at this kind of stuff and he is, he's a welder but has done DIY all his life (he doesn't fail in DIY either). I'll draw the area to drill out and tell him he may need water or drilling fluid running in a constant flow over the drilling area.
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