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The best Socket 7 CPU was a K6-3+ 550 Mhz. 550 was also the highest speed K6-2. But since the K6-3+ was made with the .18 micron process, and featured 256K on die L2 memory cache, it was significantly better than the same speed K6-2, which was made with the .25 micron process, and had no on die L2 cache.Never released for desktop use, they, and their K6-2+ counterparts (128K L2), were a final overhaul of an obsolete CPU for use in laptops. But many found their way into desktops anyway. The K6-3+ 550 is one of the rarest CPUs ever made, and I recently saw one sell for $200.00 on Ebay.

As I mentioned before, having a low enough core voltage, and at least a couple of clock multiplier settings may allow you to run a K6-2/3 between 400 and 500 Mhz on your motherboard. But finding out precisely what it is will help determine for sure how fast it can go.
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