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That's too bad if they are still commanding a good price in AU. Here in the US they are going for around $15.00 for a K6-3 400. And a K6-2 of that speed is around $10.00 or even less.

But you now know you have options. Also, I wanted to mention that though that board only has an ATA33 controller, ATA66 and 100 drives will work, and will give you much faster performance. Most of those old WD 2 to 10 gig ATA33 drives will test at around 4 to 6 megabytes per second. I tried an ATA66 drive on one, and it tested at almost 20 megabytes per second. I then hooked it up to a Promise RAID ATA66 controller, and it tested at exactly the same speed. The drive was the choke point, not the controller. I think this is probably true of many ATA66 drives, and probably a few ATA 100s. I had a WD ATA100 30 gigabyte drive that barely hit 30 megabytes per second on an ATA100 motherboard.
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