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It doesnt have to be a king-pin system. I just want something to run linux. This brings me to my alteria motive.

This system will be my next mod project. Paint the case black: and spraypaint a linux stencil in red on the side. Put a fan duct out the side of the case, and cover it with a metal grill and put a red led fan instead of the stanard CPU fan. Has anyone got a "Powered By Linux" Stencil or am I going to use my "Linux Inside" one?

Hooray My First Jumper Overclock!!!

Standard: 66x2=133mhz
First attempt: 66x3=non boot
Second attmpt: 66x2.5=166mhz
Third attempt: 60x3=180mhz very very stable.
AOA Team fah

Rig 1: Intel Core i5 750,4gb,HD6870,500gb,W7 Ult x64

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