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For a 1700+, I would not recommend a KT133a chipset. Unless you have SDR SDRAM lying around, you should think about DDR.

If you're not planning on overclocking or you're on a budget, an ECS K7S5A is a good choice. You can't find a less expensive board, their rock stable, and excellent memory performance.

The main complaint of this board is the lack of dials and buttons to tweak with... but for stability, I go weeks at a time without rebooting, and I AM oc'ing my 1600+ to 1542mhz. The board takes either SDR or DDR, so its also a good step up board. When the K7S6A comes out, that might be a good choice too with better overclocking capabilities.

Edit: sorry, I missed the part about overclocking....
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