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Upgrade time

Hi All
Just wondered what sort of improvment i would get going from A to B
XPM at 2650Mhz (252 X 10.5) on an 8RDA+ with 1Gb Ballistix 11,2,2,2.5 and an 9800XT and 2 X 180GXP in Raid 0
Athlon64 3200 overclocked to maybe 2.4-2.5Ghz on an Epox 9NPA+ with same memory,6800GT and 2 X Western Dig Raptors in raid 0
Ta for any inf or benchmark links
AOA Team fah

Asus Crossfire IV Formula.Phenomll 1090T at 3.7GHz
Asus Ati 4890 at 950 Core 1025MHz Mem speed.
4 GB Crucial Ballistix 1600DDR3.COrsair 1200W supply
Corsair 40GB SDD X 2 Raid 0 and 2 X WD Caviar Black 1Tbs Raid 0
LG Blue ray/Hd dvd reader and 2 dvd writers
All wrapped up in a Silverstone TJ09
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