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Question Not sure what to do

I like the look, it seems to play games faultlessly, heaps of hard drive space, nice monitor, and dvd and card reader are good.

I double checked, no SATA ports, just two ATA IDE slots.

Looking at the futuremark site, benchmark results seem OK for a stock standard rig with these specs.

Shop said they would take it back, but ive all my games apps and stuff loaded, took me ages, even got xp pro 64 bit installed on another partition.

Ive tried to talk them into giving me a kick ass graphics card to keep me quiet but they have yet to get back to me on that score. Tf they dont front up, I mite take it back

Oh, how does 1475 on 3dmark 2005 and 11700 on 3dmark 2001, 75 fps on hl2 benchmark sound to you guys?
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