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The guys is always honest with me with what he has done. Replacing hardware is not an issue for him, thankfully for me.

He said he did two things...clear the cmos after setting memory timings too tight. he also said that when it didn't power up, he reseated all of the cables, and then powered on the system once without the 4-pin 12v connector disconnected, neither of wich should cause any permanent damage, from what i know. But i cannot get this system to boot. I plug in the automatically starts spinning...

Anyway, hotflahsing the chip from this board is very doable..i just have to did out my asus board that is here somewhere...but i just moved a couple of weeks ago, so locating it may not be so easy!

ANy other ideas?

all other components are working by themselves, in two other rigs. been a long day trying to test this one out.
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