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Higher speed..lower score...wha.?

I used 3D Mark01 at:
stock, Athlon @ 2211mhz (FSB-200) and 9600XT at 500/300 = 12640
overclock1: Athlon @ 2447mhz (FSB-222) and 9600XT @ 543/333 = 14700
overclock2: Athlon @ 2535mhz (FSB-230) and 9600XT @ 546/338 = 13000 ish

What could have caused this?

Im at school right now, so I cant run experiments, but when I get home i'll run some with FSB @ 225 etc. To see if the clock is too high. But neither prime95 nor superPI crash, they run successfully.

The board doesnt have an AGP/PCI lock, could this put more stress put on AGP/PCI by raising the FSB? Could this also cause the decrease in performance of the card? Or is it just too high temps to be worth while? Until I get better CPU/AGP coolers, other than the stock ones.

Stock: idle/load 30C/40C
Overclocked: idle/load 37C/50C

What are your thoughts on this issue?
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