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Originally Posted by Rondog
Hmm...You had double the ram i have, what were you ram timings?

And you had a slighty higher mem clock on 9600XT, what cooler were you using?
The rig was "a bit" different from the current one :
Epox 8RDA3+ rev.2.1 (stock bios)
Athlon XP Barton 2500+ (locked)
2x512MB Twinmos Twister PC4000
timings weren't impressive at all : 2.5-3-3-11 dual channel
some older Catalyst drivers (I can't recall, but probably 4.3)
9600XT had Samsung 2.86ns memory chips and aluminium heatspreaders (GPU OC was a mistake - stock cooling)

The memory shouldn't matter : Socket A dual channel is about the same or even less efficient than Socket 754 single channel.

@ andrew726 : I'm sorry, but the links you've given just don't work.
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