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Originally Posted by dolanenwindrift
Honestly it sounds like a failed bios update. Is it possible that a windows-based BIOS tool was started and then failed? Either that or perhaps a virus attacked the BIOS, seems I had read about such evil things being out there.
I dunno. I think the cmos was corrupted, and this in turn affected the bios, or bootblock, on the first attempt at start-up.

this board is supposed to be able to bring up a utility to flash the bios, regardless of the shape of the bios...even if it is blank...but it would not start. I removed the bios chip, replaced it with a blank one i had ordered, powered up, and low and behold, AWDFLASH greeted me! jumped to my pc at home, downloaded bios, and all was well.

the bad part is that i was too lazy to look before, and just got a new board to put in the clients system, so now i have another board to try to sell. I WILL NOT sell my own stuff in my store(or used parts), so it's gotta be online...ugh...gonna loose some money there....anyone wanta quick A64 upgrade? LoL.
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