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I got the board from newegg, the way they have been turning down RMA requests on boards I will prolly have to deal with EPoX for the RMA and maybe get another (someone elses) v1.x.

I was wondering by the way how does the XP-90 perform?
First the positive remarks:
After finally getting the XP90 to fit, I could not get the cpu temp over 49c, no matter how hard I loaded the system.

Now for the not so positive:
The XP90 is way too big, although it does fit the board, I had to turn it around because there was not enough room in my case for my SATA hard drives, the SATA cable plugs stick out of the back of the drives too far. So now the ATA and 12v molex is under the expanded fin area that should have been over the dimms. Also at close inspection, I could see light shining though the tunnels that the heat pipes reside in the heatsink base. It would be more reassuring if the heat pipes were completely soldered to the base.
Frankly, it's a cheaply manufacturered pile of nickel plate and when I get the board back together, I assure you it will have my old copper ThermalTake Silent Boost with the 48 cfm fan I bought for the XP90.The 1 inch screws supplied for the AMD conversion mount have brought on a real headache.

For pics clicky here
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