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You might also want to add some of Clive Sinclair's machines too! The ZX80 was available as a home build kit to keep the cost down somewhat. The ZX81 was much more of a productionised machine, together with it's 32K wobbly RAM pack that hung off the back and was prone to causing the machine to crash... (I'm saying nothing about the MK14)

TI99/4A - I didn't have one but did have access to one once.
Atari 400/800 - Never really got an oppertunity to play with 'em
Oric 1/Atmos - Again, never used.

Talking of old machines, there's some people who have reverse engineered the Jupiter Ace and the ZX80/ZX81, so you can build them with off the shelf components.

Do we want to cover the truely historic machines like the Post Office's Colossus machines? How about Compaq's Portable?
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