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I stumbled into the world of computers at age 8. Easter School Holidays of 1996. It was 486SX, 640mb HDD, No CD-ROM, 16mb RAM. I proceeded to delete config.sys.

But thanks to a great man, named Rodger Perkins, he fixed and taught me everything I know about computers that I didnt teach myself. With the exception of networking, which was taught to me by Warrick Miller. (He is a computer tech @ Harvey Norman) That is my computer experience up to this point.

BTW: Warrick also taught me that all Compaq/HP/Dell tech support people are from India and named Rhamesh. No offence intended to anyone.

And dsio, robbie, graham, brad. Who taught me overclocking. (Sorry anyone I forgot.)

To all those people, I say thank you. Even if most of them wont read it.
AOA Team fah

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