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Originally Posted by ronb62
You were right . I had got desperate and wiped my hard drives including removing partitions and reformatting to make sure that everything was wiped even hidden secure partitions. It all went well even windows updates until I installed SP2 then same message. At that point it had be something to do with the actual physical memory. I removed one of the pairs of mem (1 gig pairs) and moved the other pair into first place. Problem disappered. Still re-installing at moment then will get mem exchanged. Problem is supplier is impossible to get hold of. Permenantly engaged and have turned e-mail off. Cheap supplier -direct internet ordering ,but CR*P to contact for problems. Overclockers UK at Fenton S-o-T.
kewl glad to hear it. Let us know if you manage to get 2 gigs stable. I still suspect you should try upping the voltage then running memtest86. The errors my be because of low voltage.
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