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Old 7th April, 2005, 06:51 PM
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you bet.
3700+ 1mb clawhammer 2.4ghz.
3400+ 1mb clawhammer 2.2ghz (next one for me to try, just gotta mount it)
3400+ 512KB newcastle 2.4ghz (currently @ 240mhzx11 1.65)

So, to me, these clawhammers @ 3400+ were failed 3700+. checking steppings and such at a local shop that has lots of old stock, steppings are the same between 3700+ 754 clawhammer, and 3500+ 939 clawhammer w/512KB. Seems that have moved the old ones over and disabled the cache...almost. If i had the cash right now, i'd pick one up and see.

Revision E sempron has shown up in town.....SDA3100AIO2BO...SSE3 sempron.
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