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Originally Posted by gizmo
The Amiga coupled with the Video Toaster was a damned fine video editing machine, about like the AtariST coupled with the SLM804 printer and a good desktop publishing package.

I had both a heavilly modified 520ST and a heavilly modified Amiga 500 at one point. The Amiga was the first PC to have a fully multitasking OS (in 256K of ROM, no less) as standard. The Atari 1040ST was the first PC to come with 1 megabyte of RAM for under $1000.

I did, however, come to the conclusion that the Amiga's file system was solely responsible for the development of high-speed hard drives. Using that thing with a single floppy would have tested the patience of Job.
If i'm not wrong the ST was taken up heavily by the music industry due to its midi capabilities?
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