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Talking YEP ME TOOO 9NDA3+ DEAD on boot up

Came home one day after months of using this board and POOF! touched the PLASTIC!! CASE SWITCH TO BOOT IT UP AND POOF! NADA ZIP!

Did all the tests traded out all parts to test the mobo. its flat out fried! no hardware issues board was smoked? dead as in doornail!

RMA'd two EPOX boards back in the last month. the other a NF2. which was really sweet with a XP3200 FAST! nice match! but that no went FF on me?

And its a long haul to get the RMA done? i am going on 12 days now. but Epox states they have the best turn around time? not sure about that? as a year or so ago only other board i have had to RMA was a FIC AU13. it was a fast turn around week and a half.

Seems i'll never learn though? should wait months before the buying a new market board. as the early reviews always favor the boards? not eough reviews, not enough people owning them is a issue. not until major issues appear should i buy.That will be my NEW rule! seems it never fails for me? Next time i'll wait to buy any mobo. wait for months till the REAL bugs surface!

One other thing i did find that there are caps on this board that are listed on the bad cap list ( if only i had saved that link?) Hermi caps listed as bad on te net, and they are on this board what rev.? not sure? anyone know if their newer rev. mobos had these caps? ( HERMI )

When i asked Epox techs if revisions matter they said no? i don't get it? why revise a mobo than? are they just blowin' smoke up my A--?

Well it ran GREAT! really sweet with a Winchester 3200 and all the trimmings! Dual 2-2-2 PQI, 6800GT OC, top end enermax PSU, WD RAPTOR, Plextor dual16X DVD........and ran COOL as well with the 1/2 copper base swifty HS with a 92mm torando at near idle at just a hum.

it just crapped out! still waiting on a replacement and the why of it all?

even checked the case switch. its no fault of any hardware thats for sure, ground either. i think its a weak board has bad caps or some other device.

check this out one cap near the cpu socket was loose? and that was a HERMI cap. could slide it up and down? NOT GOOD! dare tell the techs at Epox? Nope! ammo for them fur sure.

so they just blow me off with this and that? now its the newer revision boards don't matter Epox says? sounds like a crock to me! but what am i suppose to know? i only build'em, and test'em for them ( general johnny public.)

i feel used and abused. imagine swapping out all your hardware case and all to test the mobo? OH ya you should see the list of things they ask the average to do? i was amazed! but of course as a builder i had already done all they asked THREE TIMES OVER! with THREE TIMES THE QUALITY PARTS I OWN! gezzzzzz

OK its a killer mobo for sure. but gee wiz can i get one that will last a few months? wht a real pain in the arse this will be to have to load it up again

oh yea needs a Bios flash right away simple stuff. and is picky on the Dimm slots. and the SATA 1 connection is too close to use its tight! can be used but it will hit your BFG 6800GT for sure!

will post once i find out why it crapped out. that is if they shoot straight with me? which i doubt? i wonder what line or liene i'll get as the reason why it died? if any we'll see....
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