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possible sound issue

im not sure exactly where i should post about this issue so i will just post it here

I just got a this new DFI board and a New SATA HD this weekend .... eveything seems to be doing fine except for this 1 issue.

Whenever my SATA drive is being accessed or has any activity , i can hear it through my sound as a static type of gurgle sound and it is very annoying. It isnt real loud but it is very noticeable.
I have tried the sound card in 3 different PCI slots but this hasnt helped so far . I also have the lastest drivers for the card and everything as well

I just thought of somthing as i am typing this post and i think i might try this next ..... when i installed the Nforce unifed drivers, I DID install the IDE SW driver. i dont know if i was suppose to or not with this new SATA HD but im thinking this could be worth a try to uninstall it ...
If anyone can think of anything else i would really appreciate the help please , as this is the only issue i am having with my setup.

Thanks for your time

P.S. sorry if i posted this in the wrong place
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