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this is really annoying ... i can figure out what the problem is .... i have tried uninstalling nforce IDE driver .... i have tried moving the SATA cable to a diff SATA port and it still does it ...
whenever i use the scroll wheel on my mouse it even makes the noise as i scroll . Whenever i load a webpage it makes a screaching noise that sounds just like taking the needle of a record player and scratching on the record.
if the webpage has any animated graphics it makes the sound as the graphics are moving. I cant even play a video anymore because that uses the HD and the sound is constant
I would really like to figure out this problem so i dont have to send this Mobo back. Plz help
AMD 2600+(333fsb) @180x12=2.16ghz@1.75v w/ThermalTake Volcano7+
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Maxtor 120GB SATA drive
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