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Ok, my dad says that he might get the bits to cut it for me later today. I'm going with an 80mm if possible. I'm going to take the top part off of the case as that's obviously the easiest and safest way to do it. My dad said that the case will be wrecked when he cuts it, don't see why if it's being held in place with a clamp. I'm going to put the fan filter from the side of my case into the top hole when it's been drilled. I'm going to have air going in through the front, heating up, rising up, some going out through the PCI fan and some going out through the coolermaster aero blower at the back. I just need to make sure that i draw the circle in the right place so that it's not above the drives or the PSU. I can also do the 'flame' mod using the top blowhole which would suit the mod as it is called etna. The next mod is some under-case lighting then i'm going to submit it to PC extreme (!!!) as i saw some amazing modsbut they just looked cr*p. One was made of lego (it's called legobortion), one made from an antique bird cage whch was the worst IMO (it's just called antique bird cage). The other 2 were nice though. One was called short circuit, it was all blue and had 4 120mm fans in the side panel (OMG!) it had 6cathodes in total (1 x 12" and 5 x 4"). The other one is called scientist and is designed like one of those big computers in a mad scientists lab but it looks mint. I can't explain it really, it's really that different. I'm going to stencil some flames onto my case as well. oops, went way off topic there, sorry.
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