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Flaky 3dmark03

Hi guys, finally got around to overclocking my system last night after DFI (finally) supplied me with a working BIOS chip. Got the system prime95 stable at 230 x 11 (have a locked multiplier) after changing timings to CAS3.

Did some experimenting on the graphics card too, all was well, but when it comes to what I think is the pixel shader test (the rhino and the elephant) sometimes I get lots of white dots in a grid pattern. Me and my friend managed to get his up to much higher speeds without any problems, but just wondered if anyone had any ideas where the problem might originate. I have a thermal sensor on the GPU and the temperature never went about 50C - was hovering around 45-47C most of the time.

Oh, did get it running stably at 420 / 360 - got about 6400 marks. Any good?
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