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They had the keys ordered through a "contact" of theirs at the dealership.

It really is next to impossible to steal the newer cars these days.

I would also have dared ANYONE to try stealing the radio out of my old car without rendering it useless. Some custom brackets and zip ties made it so that if you pulled too hard, the wires were torn from inside the stereo. That's MY stereo bought with MY money that I EARNED with a real job. If I don't have it, then neither does some low-life worthless thief.

A guy learned this the hard way about half a year ago, after he smashed the window in my convertible at 5am in the morning and I chased him down and sat on him and threatened to beat him with a hammer until the cops showed up.

Don't EVER interrupt a guys nookie at 5am in the morning after he's worked to get it since 10pm. Man I was pissed.
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