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Well, Thieves are already way ahead of all that. When they want to steal a car it's likely they already have a buyer and are looking for a specific one. In that case you will just get carjacked if their eye falls on yours. There's almost nothing you can do unless you have specific anti car jacking systems, if you are paranoid enough to enable it. A friend of mine found out the hard way... He was was almost carjacked but because of the anti carjacking systems the thief had to waste valuable time to break the glass of the car to be able to reach the driver. He got away but later that day when my friend had the window fixed the car was stolen from the BMW garage. Some ppl saw him do it but couldn't stop him. The description of "both" thiefs is almost identical. He just took the keys, took the car and took off. It is quite a big garage store so using confusion and stealth seemed to have done the trick instead of using various "car stealing equipment"

Cars these days are mobile pieces of cutting edge technology. But it's still people using them. In that case a car can always be stolen.

OT. I can't really tell if the pics are fake or not but i fail to see the usefullness with desktops or portables
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