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Originally Posted by dsio

When the Key is in the ignition, it sends an RF signal to the ECU which is unfakeable, at least without some decent RF equipment. On top of that, all of the wiring that is even remotely related to the ignition system hidden inside the steel adjustor pipe of the steering collumn, and cant be accessed with anything short of a welder. Then theres the secondary immobiliser which is triggered by the remote. Mine is only a lowly 3 series with the standard security system, and even that is impossible. I lost my key and had to wait 2 weeks to have one cut and coded from deuchland. There is nothing you can do about it.

The new 5 and 7 series have tilt detectors, wheel nut removal detectors, forced entry detectors, rain detectors (for winding up windows and closing sunroof in case of rain automatically) and tamper detection kill switches etc etc.

Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, and Jaguar all have similar systems.

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