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Lets talk pressure drops.

I'm contemplating my new water setup. I have a 120mm radiator, I think that I've finally devised a way to mount it to my rig. I'm beginning to wonder its effectiveness in completely cooling off my Venice when I get it. Its a radiator(not heatercore) approxamitly a black ice pro. I'm going with a very low flow fan on it, maybe 2 if I can get another silent one to mount on the other side. This is because my new rig should be almost silent, w/o a fan controller. Now my question pertains to flow. I have a Cathar G4 block, and I'm trying to get as much flow as possible, because of the way the block works. I know my ehiem 1250 is a powerful pump and everything, but I'm considering running more than one radiator if the 120 isn't enough.

I'd like to use 2 80mm's as they can mount right to the 2 I have needlessly at the bottom powersupply spot. Would this harm my flow enough that it would end up performing worse. Would the difference not be worth the money to add 2 80mm's? The whole system is only going to be cooling the processor, my 6800 is off the water, and I won't be putting more into it later. Anyone offer thier opinions on this? I'd prolly end up getting some cheap rads like these:
Sony Vaio SZ220

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