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The PCI bus is capable of 133Mbyte/sec maximum theoretical bandwidth. Depending on the platform, it translates to either ~90Mbyte/sec or ~120Mbyte/sec.

If you're accessing the data via 802.11g, then you've got a maximum bandwidth of about 6Mbyte/sec. If you're using 100M ethernet, you have a maximum bandwidth of about 11Mbyte/sec. Neither of those two are going to push a PCI adapter hard!

Proper hardware RAID controller cards are not cheap however. The basic rule of thumb is that if the card doesn't take some kind of memory (like SIMM or DIMM), it's probably not a hardware RAID controller, just a glorified IDE interface. Hardware RAID does not get you higher performance - software RAID is slightly faster than hardware RAID.

Either way around, bear in mind that companies like Sun and Veritas have been using software RAID for years without any issues.
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