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Here's the VBScript which will get the latest threads from AOA and write them in to a text file.

To use this code, copy and paste it into a text file called "aoa_threads.vbs".

Use the Windows scheduler to run the script every 5 mins or so.

' This script will get the latest threads from AOA Forums
' the thread titles will be written in to a text file.
' Code last updated 20050503


Dim regEx

On Error Resume Next

' Set filenames and URLs

Const StatusFile ="aoa_status.txt"
Const ThreadsFile = "aoa_new_threads.txt"
Const pageURL =""

set http = createobject("microsoft.xmlhttp") "GET", PageURL, false
strng = Http.responsetext

' Create the output file
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set StatusoutFile = fs.CreateTextFile(StatusFile, True)

If strng <> "" then
' Create the output file
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set ThreadsoutFile = fs.CreateTextFile(ThreadsFile, True)
' Make sure the output is formatted with correct quotes and ampersands
strng = replace(strng,"&quot;",Chr(34))
strng = replace(strng,"&amp;",Chr(38))

' Find the thread titles

Set regEx = New RegExp
regEx.Global = True
regEx.Pattern = "<strong>(.*?)</strong></a>"

Set Matches = regEx.Execute(strng)

' Write the text lines to file

For Each Match in Matches
Threadsoutfile.write match.SubMatches(0)
' Close the Threads file
Statusoutfile.write "<c:lime>on-line</c>"
Statusoutfile.write "<c:red>off-line</c>"
end if

' Close status file
You can display the contents of the text file using CoolMon 1.

You'll need to put the following lines or similar into the Display Options in CM1.

<c:yellow><b>AOA Latest Threads</b></c> <NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_status.txt,1">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,2">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,3">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,4">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,5">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,6">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,7">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,8">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,9">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,10">
<NAME=FILEDATA FORMAT="aoa_new_threads.txt,11">
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