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Red face 8RDA+ GSC Cap models?


I have searched the forum all morning and I can't really find a straight answer, so I'll just have to ask myself. Great forum BTW

I have Rev 1.1 8RDA+ board (C1 NB, A3 MCP-T SB), my caps have given in and the system has become unstable. I searched up and down for good caps (I live in Egypt), I was able to secure Rubycon 6.3v 1000uF caps for the board. I don't do any overclocking to speak of, PC2700 @ 166MHz, 1700+ @ 1500MHz @ 1.55v.

Anyways, I know the PSUs here are iffy, I'm not trying to make any judgement calls on EPoX (I absolutely adore this board), I just need to make sure of the caps being used so I could get proper replacements.

I did a search on and I found the GSC types to be among the iffy ones. Luckily, there I found the GSC website. I browsed around to find the RE series (my caps have GSC with RE in a small box written on them). There are [4] 10v 2200uF, [5] 6.3v 1500uF and [9] 6.3v 1000uF. I pulled up the PDF of the RE series and got the following:

6.3v - 1000uF - 8x14 mm - 680mA Ripple - 0.090 ohm Max impedance
6.3v - 1500uF - 10x20 mm - 1060mA Ripple - 0.044 ohm Max impedance
10v - 2200uF - 10x25 mm - 1580mA Ripple - 0.030 ohm Max impedance

Are these the caps used by Epox? Or are these caps different? I want to know so I could match them to the best of my ability when I get replacements.

The ones I got/am getting:

Rubycon (not Rulycon knock-off) YXG series:
6.3v - 1000uF - 8x12 mm - 840mA Ripple - 0.087 ohm Max impedance
Status: Installed, seem to be doing their job well.

Nichicon UHE Low impedence series:
6.3v - 2200uF - 10x25 mm - 1650mA Ripple - 0.042 ohm Max impedance
10v - 2200uF - 10x31.5 mm - 1910mA Ripple - 0.031 ohm Max impedance
Status: Shipping.

With the old caps blown, I used to get Memtest-86 errors. With the Rubycons in place (1000uF) I get no errors in Memtest, but I sometimes get blue screens in windows (in games). The other caps are blown/bulged, so I would like to know, are my choices good?

If the choice is good but the system is not normal yet, what could have been damaged?

Thank you for your time.


P.S: System Specs:

AMD 1700+ (TBred-A) 1.55v @ 1500MHz (9*166)
SpekTec PC2700 @ 166MHz CAS 2.5 (3-3-7)
Sapphire 9500 NP 64MB
Suitable heatsink (CPU Temp <42C load)
No mods
[2] 80mm fans Exhaust out back
MSI CD-RW 52x24x52x
Creative Infra CD-ROM 52x (yep it still works)
40 GB 5400 RPM Seagate
10 GB 5400 RPM Seagate
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