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Unhappy Bios flashing


I really hope you guys can help me...

I have a EP-8K5A3+ motherboard and its was time to flash my bios but it all went wrong

I tried to flash it but something very bad happened and my system just shut down, dead it was Then i ordered an replacement bios from Epox and thought every thing would be allright again, but i was wrong...

The first bios there were on my motherboard was on 256 Kb and the new one i got was on 512 kb

but i tried to start up with the new bios and when i was in dos i switched to the old bios and i found a bios for another motherboard and wee it works BUT i can only use dim 3 to my ram if i try some of the others it will not start up and my display on the board isn't working....

Well i found out that the bios for EP-8k5a3+ was on 512kb so i would give it a try on my new bios, but when i try to flash it nothing happens... its just writing "Warning Don't turn off power og reset system" and then it stops right there... i have tried with many differents types of awdflash and many differents bios to my board but without luck, the same thing happens every time... So now im lost, and i really hope there are someone who can help me.

sorry for my bad english, but im from Denmark

Please help a very very sad guy

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