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8k3a+ and 1gig ram modules

I plan to buy 2 * 1 gig of ram and to put it on my oldschool 8k3a+. A64 system will follow later this year. The price for the ram is very low atm so my idea is to put the ram now in the 8k3a+ and later use it for my a64 system.
(71 € atm for 1 gig. ram module in germany)

1024mb ddr400 cl2.5 Chip Configuration: 64Mx8 16chip 2bank
Part Number: MDT1024-400-16

Its the one at the bottom of this pdf:

MDT usually is a very compatible and often used ram in germany.

Is this ram compatible with the 8k3a+? I know that the 8k3a+ supports 1 gig modules, but this are doublesided and maybe it has problems with 2 MDTs?
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