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I cant afford to get a new video card right now so im gonna stick with AGP (9800pro) for a while. Plus the only major reason why i want to upgrade to skt939 is because my P4 2.4ghz is limiting my gaming, specially in UT2004 (sometimes drops to 30fps)
Correct me if im wrong but Venice 3000+ 939 should be at least 35% faster than my current P4 (specially in gaming) right?
About the motherboard, I heard alot of good things about Asus A8V but I hate VIA chipsets with a burning passion, also the Gigabyte GA-K8NSC wasnt too bad from my price point. The only thing thats stoping me from buying the Gigabyte board is because it has 1800HT insted of 2000. Does HT really matters anyways?
Thanks again
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