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Mobo, CPU and Watercooling Questions

Hey all. I'm new to overclocking (heard of it ages ago but seriouslt considering it now). The reason I am considering it now is because I've heard of people getting speeds of 3.2 on a 2.4 with water cooling (need MORE POWAH!! for BF2) and I have a few questions about my setup that maybe you could help with. Now I'm quessing I have a Pentium 4 533 Bus 2.4b (its the only one in the overclockers CPU database which looked related to the info on the chip) and the info on the chip was the following:


And I was hoping you could either tell me about the overclocking capabilities of this cpu or point me to somewhere where I can find out or tell me how to interpret these figures.

Also, I have an HP pavilion 453 which came with an OEM motherboard made by FIC (vg31) and apparently its only supported by hp, does this mean I can't get normal bios, because the hp bios doesn't seem to come with many options so I'm thinking its going to be difficult to overclock.

And finally, there are so many different types of cpu water cooling I have seen, which type (eg a big external thing or a small internal system) is the best for the money you pay. I have a mATX case so it might be fun and games fitting it all in. And if I'm going to try for 3.2ghz will some sort of normal fan solution be enough or will I definitely need water cooling?

Thanks for any help and sorry if these questions are a bit broad.
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