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Just built new system, won't boot.

First of all my new hardware set up:

Asus K8N Socket-754 nForce3 ATA - Sound Lan USB2 800FSB SATA

2*512MB Kingston DDR400

AMD (Newcastle) Athlon 64bit 2800+ 754pin 512kb L2cache

Maxtor 6B200M0 Diamondmax 10 200GB 7200rpm Serial ATA150 8mb Cache

I've eliminated it down to just CPU mobo ram and grafx card.

The PSU is a chieftech item, and wsa working flawlessly with my Nforce2 setup.

Now, when I press the powre button, I get a faint clicking from the PSU, the case fan tries to spin up (it moves slightly but doesnt actually rotate).

the green power LED on the mobo is on.

Faulty motherboard i'm thinking.

Is it worth building the system external to the case? or would the green LED not light up if it was shorting out?

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