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Thank you for posting this Front Page article, Gizmo. Very good choice!
I'm leaning strongly toward an Athlon64 X2. It consumes a good deal less power, ergo, it runs considerably cooler than the Dual-cored Pentium. Add the crappiness of the "nForce4" ~$225 motherboard for Intel's "x2"--and they got a LOT of nerve!

I've read that Intel's Pentium "x2" is cobbled together, not originally designed for dual-core operation from the ground up as is the AMD 64X2.

So, the Pentium 840EE is the obvious winner. Gimme a break! It will be more expensive, the m'boards for it will be more expensive and it runs real hot, to boot.

AMD is miles ahead of Swintel--again. I shall reward the plucky little company for their superior processor, I've been in Swintel land for too long.
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