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Talking New Sys


It`s a tough call when to buy a new sys. I waited and waited and chose each part as they got decent reviews. Dual cores look nice but sound very expensive ! Venice and SD cores have had great OC`s, and are reasonably priced.

My last sys has lasted me well, it`s still going strong and able to play everything incl HL2 no problems. Shows that a decent OC on a stable system will last you , mine has for a year and a half with no upgrades. I`ve only moved to a new one due to my need for speed and frame rates , plus hunger for OC`ing :-)
Abit NF-7S Ver 2.0 Bios 23 , Barton2600 xp-m @2.60ghz(FSB 200@13.0x ) 1.95 VCore ,Asetek KT03 kit , 1GB Winbond PC3200 CAS 2.0, Nvidia FX5900 Ultra @478/908 ,2x80gb Seagate Barracuda V SATA RAID 0 ,Creative Audigy 2,Sandra PR3528,3Dmark v3.04 6106.WinXP Pro Sp1 5.1.2600. Prime95 stable.

New sys AMD SD3700 , 1GB OCZ 4200 Plat Ver 2.0 , DFI Nforce4 SLI-DR, MSI 6800GT, OCZ Modstream 520W , Audigy 2 ZS, all going to be frosted in a Mach2 GT Prommy :-)
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