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Originally Posted by cloasters
A friend got a bad stick of Mushkin DDR recently. Why not have a look at Crucial? The modules are assembled in the USA, AFAIK. Gasp! .
Thanks for info.
Peaty I ordered Mushkin's before you posted :/
I hope they won't be bad...

Thx to you too.
I'm not convinced to HyperX memories. But nothing lost. If Mushkin's won't be compatible with my system I can sell it for about 150% of newegg's price. Here at Poland hardware prices realy sux xD

Anyway I know memories which meet my requirements. G.Skill on TCCD but they're to expensive for me

I report how Mushkin's handle with my configuration but it take a month at least before I get them. When my mate comes back from USA and bring me those sticks.

Kind regards guys
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