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24 pin PSU. Need your thoughts and advice.

Hi guys,

Hows everyone doing? Its been awhle since I posted here... Nice to see the site growing.

Anyways, My problem is:

Ive just bought a new PSU thats got a 24pin mainboard connector while my mobo requires only a 20pin. The thing is that the 24pin connector that came with my PSU can be split into 2 to make it a 20pin + 4pin connector. I understand that some PSUs have this feature too and my understanding is that this feature is available to make it backwards compatible with older boards. The problem arises when I split the connector and plug the 20pin into the board and..... the board doesnt spin up. Funny thing is "I see its trying to boot" but doesnt go all the way. I can also see that there is power in the board bcoz there is LED the lights up when I switch the PSU on. I have the ASUS A7V880 board...

Whats your take on this? I know the system works because I swapped out the 24pin PSU with an older 20pin PSU and the whole system works fine.

And btw, how do I short a PSU to turn it on while not connected to the board again? Ive done it before but I forgot if I should short the green and black or yellow or black wires...

AOA Team fah
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