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San Diego 3700+ OCing problems...

Many people have hit 2.8 - 2.9Ghz no prb, but mine seems to be stuck at 2.75Ghz @ 1.65v. I've already even seen 2 examples of people hitting 2.8Ghz with the same steppings on the CPU as i do. I have burned in my CPU and tried it with all the basics by lowering FSB and ram timings like 2T etc but still it is not stable anything above 2.75Ghz. Giving it more juice to CPU solved nothing. 2.8 - 2.85Ghz i can boot into windows, but when i run CSS or any game, it will freeze after 5-10min into the game. 2.9 - 2.94Ghz it will POST but can't load windows. Temperatures are below 60C under load below 2.8Ghz, any ideas? I'm thinking my system needs more power because although my power supply is a nice one at 400w, maybe it cannot fuel everything because of the higher clock speeds? I have tried to boot from one IDE HD and tried OCing into the 2.8Ghz Range and still no luck. Could it be my motherboard holding me back ? My goal is to reach between 2.8 and 2.9Ghz. The amazing thing was my Winchester 3000+ can do 2.62Ghz (9 x 291 HTT) and any higher it would crash. Where as now im stuck @ 275 HTT and can
t reach the possible limits of this CPU. My board can do 300+ HTT easy. As i have read the other post....BIOS fix needed?


System Specs:

Sparkle 400w PS
San Diego 3700+ CABGE 0516WPMW @ (2.75Ghz 1.65v)
ThermalRight XP-120
Alpha Copper base Chipset Cooler
OCZ PC4200 Platinum DC 1GB @ (229Mhz 2-3-3-5 1T)
Epox 9NDA3j (Latest BIOS) ---- @ 10x 275 HTT
ATI X800 Pro VIVO w/ 16Pipes
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
2 x WD Raptor 36.7GB (RAID 0)
WD ATA100 250GB
--8 Fans--
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