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Originally Posted by GrahamGarside
There is a chance the psu is to blame, though it's hard to rule out, sprkle aren't really a great brand quality wise, but you could be disapointed sticking an enermax or something in and still having no more luck

Does lowering the multiplier allow a higher HT speed?
I tried 9 x 306 - 310 HTT and it is just a little bit higher than 2.75Ghz and it will crash. I have tried 9x - 11x multipliers. I have LDT set at 3x and under the 1000Mhz all the time. I did purchase a new OCZ 520w ModStream PSU and should be coming in. I got one just to be on the safe side. I did try to unplug those power hungry Raptors and disabled my RAID plus my WD 250GB HD and still i couldn't get any higher. I only had 1 40GB HD to boot from when doing my testing. I guess will try for 2.8Ghz again when i install my new PSU. I'm thinking it might be the motherboard BIOS too after reading someone suspecting it because of his HTT speed with a Winnie and also couldn't get it back to the same speed after installing a Rev E. CPU Venice or San Diego. Also reported something is still wrong with some motherboards running with Rev .E CPUs after the BIOS update. Something to do with memory timings and the updated memory controller of Rev. E CPUs.

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