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Fun Photo Assignment 4 "Red"

This is the fourth photo assignment, strictly for fun.

Everyone is welcome to have a go. No need for expensive cameras or professional skills.

You just need to take a photo with a theme which fits the following word:


Once you have a photo, don't post it up. Send me a private message and I will give you my email address and then you can email it to me. I don't want to post my email address here because it will attract spam.

Please, take a fresh photo not one you already have.

Submissions need to be sent to me by 24th August 2005.

I'll post up all entries after that time and then members can vote for their favorite using a poll. The winner gets to pick a word for the next assignment. dod chose the word this time round.

Any questions, just post them up!

Good luck!

Guidelines for editing:

You may crop your photo.
You can adjust brightness, contrast and colour balance.
You can convert to monochrome, i.e. black and white, etc.
You can add a plain solid border.
Minor touch-ups are OK, e.g. removal of dead pixels, small imperfections like dust.
No clever or fancy photo editing this time, please. Just basic stuff.

No restrictions on what camera, lens or lighting you use. Be as creative as you like with the camera!
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