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Originally Posted by Electric Wizard
up until I tried putting the machine on standby to try and resume normal running (this worked prior to the reformat).
You had suspend working on a desktop? Fairly impressive. Desktops normally activate Microsoft Coma™ v5.1 and don't resume properly.

What happens if you stick the old Radeon back into the system¹? Suspend to RAM and Suspend to disc are odd little beasts in that they need everything to support them² properly. It could be that the Forceware drivers don't much like suspend whereas the ATi Catalyst drivers can cope with it.

¹ Just remember to remove all traces of Forceware prior to shutting down the system and swapping the cards.

² Case in point is my laptop which does support suspend. When running the Netgear wireless network card suspend doesn't work. Microsoft Coma™ normally starts on resume - on the occasions when it doesn't, the system starts up, only without networking. At all.

In Linux, software is the glitch. When X is running, "suspend to disc" is better rewritten "crash to disc and destroy /swap".
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