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Originally Posted by dsio
Personally, I dont buy DFI boards, because they have never suited me. I dont like the layout of their older boards, I dont like the layout of their newer boards, and I hate the names. Every single time I hear someone talk about a DFI board, and they say "Lanparty" I missread or misshear it, and think "lemonparty" which sounds very close, and puts bad thoughts in my head.

Then theres the name DFI. 90% of DFI owners dont even know what it stands for. It means Design For Inovation. What kind of crappy name is that Sounds like an IKEA slogan.

Its like MSI, or Micro Star International. What the hell is a micro star? A star is a giant burning ball of gas, and micro means its extremely small, so basically its the same as an ignited fart.

Oh well.

I use an ABit now, and I have always bought EPoX / ABit boards. In my mind, they are virtually the same. Both companies aim for the same market segment, both do a great job, use the same BIOSes, have the same feel, similar layouts, and generally speaking you can swap between the two quite well. An 8RDA and an NF7 for instance are virtually identical.

I still wouldnt buy a DFI. Its "the overclocker's choice" and all that, but that is a contradiction really. Every overclocker has a choice. It is FAR better to stick with what you know. Its not brand favouritism, its using what you are comfortable with.

The best board on the market in the hands of someone unfamiliar with it, will never perform as well as a cheaper and lesser board in the hands of someone more experienced. Overclocking is all about just that. Its not what you have, its how you use it.

If you have owned EPoX boards, and had success with them, buy another EPoX, or get an ABit, as they are very similar. If you have liked DFIs, buy another one. If you have had an ASUS, well, god help you.
Acually its Diamond Flower Inc., but its still a crappy name...

When the status my currently drained bank acc. changes for the good i'll seriously buying the DFI NF3 with a Venice 3000+ core...
If i decide to go get it if will first arrive at 3 to 4 weeks from now, if will accept a danish VISA it will maybie be a little under 3 weeks but its stiill a very long time waiting ...

Hope i get at good one, but with my luck so far regarding to HW it wouldent suprise me if i get a bad one..
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